Welcome to Legend Chemicals

We produce, process and sell kinds of coatings.
Welcome to ELEGANT


We produce all kinds of paints

Acrylic resin

Thermosetting acrylic resin , Thermoplastic acrylic resin , Hydroxy acrylic resin

Amino resin

Melamin formaldenhyde resin , Benzoguanamine-melamine resin, Urea formaldenhyde resin

Epoxy resin

Hydroxyl acrylic resin, acrylic-polylol dispersion , phosphorus-containing flame retardant resin, amino resin , epoxy ester resin , epoxy curing agent, alkyd and polyester resin

Waterborn Dispersion

Bsphenol A type expoxy resin , liquid , solid , solvent semi solid epoxy resin

Waterborne fluorocarbon emulsion

waterborne fluorocarbon emulsion

Saturated polyester resin

Saturated polyester resin

Quality Control

We defined strict QC progress and try to do best at each step.Our annual production of resin is more than 50,000 tons, has passed the ISO: 9001 International Quality Management System Certification. With advanced product formula, production technics and professional technology, the company produces a variety of high-quality coating resins.


We design, research and produce paintings!


In-depth investigation and sharing of industry trends

Product R&D

Adapt to meet customer needs, improve the core technology competitiveness of the enterprise

Factory Made

Sophisticated equipment, annual capacity of more than 50,000 tons

Formula Provides

Formulation process design, improve the technical performance of coating

Logistics and Storage

Handling and distribution of goods


Provide basic information for decision making and develop products to meet customer needs


Original Equipment Manufacturer

After-Sales Support

Various forms of after-sales cooperation to provide solutions to improve customer satisfaction

Import & Export Services

Dangerous package certificate, commodity inspection, customs inspection, booking space, certificate of origin, etc

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If any issues, please call us, find a business contact or use our online contact form.


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